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Peerless Hardware, Fasteners, & Adhesives

We offer a ton of great hardware, fasteners, and adhesives for new projects as well as repair and replacement projects. Whether you need full door lock sets for new construction, replacement window hardware, or glue to fix a broken vase, you can find it at Garth Hardware in Des Arc, Arkansas.


Our experts are always ready to help you find just the right hardware for your project. We carry the following:

• Padlocks • Door Lock Sets • Window & Door Hardware • Construction Hardware

We also have the hardware to be used on cabinets, mailboxes, chains, rope, cable, and other items.


We offer nails and screws in bulk for almost any material like wood, metal, drywall, plastic and more. Buy a few or a few pounds; it's up to you.


Sometimes a project calls for glue, caulk, or some other adhesive. Garth Hardware has a wide range of products that range from general-purpose caulk that seals out water to specialty adhesives for projects like tile work. Using the right adhesive can be as important as using the right tool.

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